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Look at this picture to see the many ways how the Christian Nation Government Now Revival is helping people and the USA. Steven Andrew started the daily revival in 2022 and it is estimated to have reduced $4 Trillion in spending which saves each person in the USA $30,000. The revival made a huge shift from anti-God Pelosi to Christian Mike Johnson as Speaker. Plus the revival brought the Supreme Court and other court rulings for Christians to live freely. This revival turned the tide for the USA

Why is this revival, which is part of Andrew leading this generation to covenant with the Lord, the most effective ministry? Andrew is doing God’s will where the church forgot. “The purpose of government is to fear God, Exodus 18:21, Psalm 2, Isaiah 33:22, Psalm 33:12, Mark 12:30,” said Andrew. However, churches stopped teaching government submits to Jesus Christ years ago. Most churches are silent or appear to worship government insted of God. By not teaching God’s Word, corruption and troubles followed. This revival shows obeying God ends God’s judgment. Plus there is hope. Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. However, with this Biblical knowledge restored that the purpose of government is to fear God, positive things are happening. The revival can be seen by joining USA.Life social network and by going to USA.Church. There is an email to join too.  Invite a friend to join the revival.

The Revival Needs to Grow.
Andrew is a faithful pastor who follows God’s Word. This is a big task and Andrew needs help. This powerful revival needs more support as it has operated on almost no budget. To reach more people it is timely the revival make new programs and have an advertising budget that can reach millions of people and more churches. As a result of more people joining the revival, this will bring more Christian Nation government and God’s blessings for you. Andrew is making the greatest positive impact for the nation. Now, more representatives want to secure the border, focus on America and stop wasteful spending. Also, because this revival agrees the nation follows God, Andrew believes this shatters the darkness and causes more salvations, baptisms and church growth, as is happening after the revival began.

Be Part of Revival. Donate Now.
It is top priority to get have the strongest Christian leaders now, in 2024 and 2025. This revival is how to do that. To run revival 700 more days through 2025 and expand the cost is $480,000.

Do you want to help? Can you consider donating generously to God today?

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