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Steven Andrew is reaching millions of people for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while saving the nation. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD” Psalm 33:12.

SAFETY : Save the USA (Emergency Crisis Response)

USA Christian Church is always ready, leading the nation with the Biblical response to prevent national emergencies and to handle emergency situations. We are saving the USA and millions of lives. Steven Andrew teaches God’s Word to give answers to the greatest dangers the nation faces, from ending political corruption to preventing an economic collapse, and from border security to saving people’s souls.

Steven Andrew stands in the gap for the nation, asking God for mercy to turn away His wrath for national sins, as he trains people and pastors to do the same. Andrew’s teaching ministry changes lives and heals families. We lead people nationwide to receive forgiveness for the USA’s sins.

BLESSINGS : Lead the Nation to Repentance

With ongoing ministry outreaches, Steven Andrew leads the nation in repentance. He performs 40 day and one day special events that change hearts. He provide teaching materials for pastors and Christians.

STRONG CHRISTIANS : Raise 3 Godly Generations

Steven Andrew is raising up three godly generations of Americans to truly make the USA great again. This includes reaffirming covenant that the USA serves the Lord, discipling the nation, a prayer center, equipping churches and as soon as possible leading 1000 pastors to pastor the USA.

LEADERSHIP : Defend Christianity

To advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, enjoy liberty and to end the persecution of Christians, we are making the USA a strong Christian nation. We help the USA defend Christianity and ground believers with the core truths that others typically forget, such as the USA has “no king but King Jesus” and God commands the nation to only have Christian laws (Isaiah 33:22).

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