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“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ” Romans 1:16

Facebook and Twitter silence Christians, Conservatives, President Trump and Liberty. Big tech is against America.

The answer is the Christian InternetTM that I started to strengthen the church and save America. This is also the Pro-America InternetTM, Patriotic InternetTM and American InternetTM that believes like our Christian founding fathers.

1. USA.Life – Replaces Facebook and Twitter
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2. – Replaces Google and Bing
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Christians and ministries have been kicked off social networks for sharing the Gospel and others are shadowbanned where only a small percentage of people see their posts. Shadowbans can be as high as 99% of people blocked from seeing your post.Facebook, Twitter and other anti-God platforms won’t allow freely sharing Christianity or even President Trump to post, as they block Conservatives, rig elections and allow Islamic terrorists and give people fake news. Facebook, Twitter and Big Tech are an attack against the church and America.

Christians, Boycott Facebook
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USA.Life social network is where you share and connect in a family friendly way with those important to you. Plus you get real news so you are always informed. USA.Life and are Christian owned and dedicated to Jesus Christ.

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To heal our land, can you share about USA.Life with your family, friends and church?Every Christian, church and ministry should get on USA.Life. The Bible teaches to stop supporting those against Christians and the Gospel of Jesus Christ (2 Chronicles 19:2, 2 Timothy 3:5).USA.Life is the #1 Conservative Facebook alternative as well as the top rated Christian social network.Steven Andrew (myself), Kevin Sorbo, Wayne Allyn Root, D. James Kennedy Ministries, the National Right to Life and many other Christians and churches are on USA.LIfe.The greatest impact for the Gospel is with USA.Life. It is important to have your family, freinds, church and group Friend you.Get Your Free USA.Life Account

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People now understand how important USA.Life and 1776Free are to save America.USA.Life is the #1 Conservative Facebook alternative.With many people joining we need to add more servers and improvements. We have $21,000 more required to raise. Can you help?

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This is a national emergency!Christians, Conservatives and President Trump must be able to speak. USA.Life and 1776Free are the only Pro-Christian and Pro-America social network and search engine.Without USA.Life and 1776Free freedom and real news could be lost forever.We need your help to Save American liberty!Donate to USA.LifeRequires $21,000 More to RaiseDonate to 1776FreeRequires $65,000 More to Raise

We can’t do this without you.

USA.Life Fights Back Against Facebook, Twitter and Big Tech Blocking Conservatives, Christians, Churches and President Trump!

Everyone gets a free account, but we are grassroots and need your help to add more servers and improvements as we fight for you! You will make a difference to save America. 

Give what you can today.This is a national emergency!Christians, President Trump and Conservatives must be able to speak. USA.Life is the only Pro-America social network. We are the most important website to save our Christian nation.We need your help to Save Freedom!

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Father,You are the God of the USA.We trust in You to fight and defeat all enemies foreign and domestic right now. May all the cheating be exposed and prosecuted.In You the USA trusts for immediate justice. Obeying Your Word, we “justify the righteous” President Trump and “condemn the wicked” Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Democrat cheaters. We stand for truth that President Trump is President for four more years.The USA is on Your side. You are the one true God, marriage is one man and one woman, the USA is a pro-life nation and the USA is a Christian nation forever. We cry out for a covenant Christian nation government immediately.In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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