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Steven Andrew prays for people in the video below to be protected from coronavirus; He is leading 40 Days of Prayer with people and churches across the nation to Save America from coronavirus. The 40 days are from March 15 to April 23. To get updates, sign up for: > America Is on the Lord’s Side.

  • Pastor calls the USA to turn to God for protection from Covid-19
  • Invites people and churches to participate in 40 days of prayer

Many people are concerned and even fearful about the coronavirus crisis and wonder how they and their loved ones can be safe. Steven Andrew, who has reached over 80 million people with the Gospel, made a teaching and video on what the Bible says brings God’s safety and health to our lives and nation. He prays for viewers to have God’s protection from coronavirus in the video. A covenant prayer for God’s protection for the USA follows. To remove coronavirus from the country, Andrew is leading people in 40 days of prayer. Andrew is pastor of USA Christian Church and leads “America Is on the Lord’s Side”.

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Covenant Protection for Health

The focus is for people to walk in covenant with Jesus Christ. Andrew is known for strong faith in God and has experienced many Biblical healings.

“I care for you and I am going to share with you the number one way to have God’s protection from diseases such as coronavirus,” Andrew said.

Andrew invites individuals, families and churches to join the 40 days of prayer to remove coronavirus from the USA from March 15th to April 23rd. Fasting is optional. Participants get updates by joining America Is on the Lord’s Side, with top Christians and pastors nationwide.

“Jesus Christ is the greatest healer. He healed the multitudes,” Andrew said.

Watch the video for the full teaching.

Andrew shares Jesus taught not all sickness is from a person’s sin, but some sicknesses are from sin. The Bible teaches God gives covenant protection of “for I am the LORD that healeth thee,” (Jehovah Rapha) by obeying God’s commandments (Exodus 15:26).

“To have God’s mercy, forgiveness, protection and deliverance, we must humble ourselves before God, reaffirm covenant and live for God,” Andrew said. “The nation has many sins that endanger our lives and country, from praying to false gods to same-sex marriage, and from abortion to corruption. Safety comes by repentance.”

“It is important to follow Jesus Christ, because obeying God can be a matter of life or death,” Andrew said.

Helping save America online, Andrew is also CEO of USA.Life, the popular conservative Facebook alternative. USA.Life is the answer to Facebook and Twitter censoring Christians, conservatives and liberty.

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