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In order for churches and the nation to reopen, Rev. Steven Andrew is calling everyone to pray and take action for a covenant Christian nation government from September 24 to November 3, 2020, which is the election day. "We see the urgent need to turn to God, with the protests, financial problems, and lockdowns," Andrew said. He is pastor of USA Christian Church and leads the group "America Is on the Lord's Side".


The three objectives are:

  • To have a covenant Christian nation government from school boards to Federal representatives.
  • Churches and everything to reopen.
  • Three generations to put God first place in their lives.

Participants join in the daily email and "American Revival Prayer Meeting" which will share action steps. There is a free brochure on "How to Pray God's Will for Leaders".

"It is top priority to have a Christian government so our country is safe, has better jobs, and we follow Jesus Christ," Andrew said.

In this ministry outreach, participants are praying and calling for leaders to fear the Lord so the USA does God's will. "Repentance will heal our land and unite the country," Andrew said.

The prayer brochure is available on the pastor's "40 Days of Prayer and Action for the Election and Christian Government" web page.

Individuals and churches involved are invited to join "America Is on the Lord's Side". This group that Andrew leads has top Christians and pastors across the nation.

"Families can pray daily together and take action for the USA," Andrew said. "Marriages will be strengthened and lives healed as families turn to Jesus Christ."

Pastors are asked to teach the "How to Pray God's Will for Leaders" points and lead their congregations in prayer and action meetings. The free bulletin insert makes it easy for churches to get involved.

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