God's Action Plan to Sasve Our Christian nation
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Are you concerned about the dangerous times? Do you want to see the greatest revival?  Would you like to secure the border, stop crime, fix the economy and end corruption? It is urgent we end the national emergency. Steven Andrew, a faithful pastor known for Biblical wisdom, has God’s answer and is leading this generation to covenant with the Lord, which is how the Bible teaches to solve the problems going on. “We know Scripture reveals Covenant is God’s answer to end national troubles, because the troubles are from disobeying God. We see God give peace and blessings and stop crime for Judah when they renewed covenant. For King Asa renewing covenant ended troubles and war. With King Josiah renewing covenant held back God’s captivity judgment,” Andrew said. Andrew is pastor of USA Christian Church.

The USA Christian Church ministry has the most effective action plan to turn the USA to God and to restore God’s blessings. The ministry needs to raise $5.7 million for Phase 1 of this action plan. There is an important open ministry door that brings national security and righteousness. Andrew asks if people can help raise at least $5,000 today. Without the support, it is a delay for the nation. God sees people support other things, but covenant with the Lord is the most important priority because that is what shows we are on the Lord’s side. One nation under God is proof of the USA’s covenant with the Lord. God’s blessings, protection and deliverance from enemies are by keeping covenant.

Leading this generation to covenant with the Lord is a big task, but Andrew has the Biblical plan and dedication to raise godly generations. He asks people to unite the USA in Christ with him and help. “We have God’s answer to make the church strong, protect Christians and heal our land. With your help we can do this!” Andrew said.

Andrew’s historic action plan includes:

  • Ministry to Raise Godly Generations Get the USA’s Hearts Right with God
  • Church Service and Teachings
  • Training for Individuals, Families and Churches
  • Christian Nation Government Now Revival Daily through 2025
  • Back to the Bible Revival
    Fill the USA with the Word of God,
    One Million More People Reading Their Bible Daily
  • Save America Revival! Daily Program
  • Salvation of Loved Ones Revival
  • Lead 1,000 Pastors to Pastor the USA
  • Christian Internet, Pro-America Internet God First, America First, Family Safe
    USA.Life Social Network  Blessed, The Bible Is the Terms of Service, Real News, Christian Controlled, Not Christian Only
  • 1776Free Search Engine
    Real news, Christian life, Conservative news, See positive sites that are being censored, More…
  • Christian and Founding Fathers Perspective Real News
    18 News Stations, National News, Christian, Pastors, Youth
  • Staff: Eventually 200 people. Phase 1 cost is $5.7 million.

“As you know we are in a national emergency. We need to act today! What are the consequences if we don’t do this?” Andrew said.

Lives are at stake. The economy will only improve by turning to God. So this is urgent. We are leading this generation to covenant with the Lord. God wants the hearts of the USA to love Him. We have an open door and must raise $5,000. We need this support, otherwise things will be delayed for the country. Can you help?” Andrew said.

Can you help us raise the $5,000 required today? Andrew said.

The Christian Nation government Now Revival, whcih Andrew leads daily for over 400 days, has already saved each person $30,000 from less spending and waste, brought Christian Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House, victories for Christians by the Suprerme Court and more righteousness.

“People who study the Bible know that reaffirming covenant is what heals our land and saves our nation,” Andrew said. “God is a covenant God.”

Andrew minsiters in daily revival which can be seen by joining USA.Life social network and on USA.Church. There is an email to join. 

Can you help? We are in a national emergency so raising the $5,000 to start and the $5.7 million for Phase 1 funds is urgent. Donate now! 

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