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“thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God,men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them, to be rulers”Exodus 18:21

We are in a national crisis. Turning to God is our only hope. That is why Steven Andrew is leading revival for a Christian nation government now. We need to heal our land, have justice, humble ourselves before God and see the salvation of loved ones. Our hearts must be right with God. With the Lord’s help we will see God intervene in important leadership decisions, who will be House Speaker and RNC Chair and other important decisions that affect our lives and America. Daily revival is a must. That is why Andrew is leading this national outreach, action, teaching and prayer with Christians and churches! Be part of this historic revival as we see God is saving America and many positive news events are happening as we unite together!

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Bible Key: God’s will is a Christian Nation government now. Watch the revival daily at USA.Church to learn what the Bible teaches and to be part of this historic revival!

More Bible verses
“For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; he will save us.” Isaiah 33:22, “justify the righteous and condemn the wicked” Deuteronomy 25:1

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.2 Chronicles 7:14, “…cry mightily unto God: yea, let them turn every one from his evil way, and from the violence that is in their hands. Who can tell if God will turn and repent, and turn away from his fierce anger, that we perish not? And God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God repented of the evil, that he had said that he would do unto them; and he did it not.” Jonah 3:8-10

Prayer of Salvation
“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6

Pray: Father, I believe Jesus Christ died on the cross to forgive my sins. You raised Jesus Christ from the dead. I confess Jesus is Lord. I am a Christian. Help me understand the Holy Bible with Your Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Now, read the Bible and pray morning and evening. Start with John.

Get Involved Daily

  1. Watch Save America Revival!
  2. Cry out to God and pray for a Christian Nation Government Now. Expect God to answer us! Spend an hour per day, or what you can, in prayer.
  3. Praise God with the purpose of God having Christian Nation representatives immediately lawfully replace those disobeying God.
  4. Agree in prayer with Andrew for your loved ones to be saved.
  5. Invite your family, friends and church to join us.

We know the Bible says leaders must “Serve the LORD with fear… Kiss the Son”which is to keep God’s commandments. The Constitution says We the People haveall power and we are one nation under God. The USA is a Christian Republic. We arenot a monarchy. We and our representives are to keep Jesus’ commandments. “O ye kings… ye judges of the earth. Serve the LORD with fear… Kiss the Son,lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little.Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.” Psalm 2:10-12. “He that ruleth overmen must be just, ruling in the fear of God.” 2 Samuel 23:3. “provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; andplace such over them, to be rulers…” Exodus 18:21. See Deuteronomy 17:18-19. 

“For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; he willsave us.” Isaiah 33:22. We are to have Jesus’ judgments of what is righteous andwicked (Deut. 25:1, 2 Chronicles 19:6-8), Jesus‘ laws and Jesus as King of the USA.“the government shall be upon his shoulder” Isaiah 9:6. Mark 12:30, Matthew 6:33

“the LORD hath sought him a man after his own heart…” 1 Samuel 13:14.  Americans, We the People, and government are to be after God‘s own heart. 

“the king… made a covenant before the LORD, to walk after the LORD, and to keep hiscommandments, and his testimonies, and his statutes, with all his heart, and with all his soul,to perform the words of the covenant which are written in this book.” 2 Chronicles 34:31 

This is why the first act of Congress is for George Washington, John Adams and all ofCongress to read the Bible and pray in Jesus’ name to be free men and not havetyrannical leaders who disobey God. First Chief Justice John Jay said, “it is the duty…of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for [our] rulers.” John Hancock,first signer of the Declaration of Independence, said as Governor of Massachusettes,“that all may bow to the scepter of our Lord Jesus Christ and that the whole Earth maybe filled with his glory.” The governor of Boston 1774 reported, “If you ask an American,who is his master? He will tell you he has none, nor any governor but Jesus Christ.”

We are in a national emergency. Pray an hour per day or as much as you can.

You are America’s God. We humble ourselves, seek Your face and turn fromour wicked ways. We want Your will of a Christian nation government. We cry out for:
* 100% Christian nation government now… school boards to federal representatives.
* Christians and Churches to get active to do Your will of a Christian nation government.
* Law and order to “justify the righteous and condemn the wicked” Deuteronomy 25:1.
* Christians who keep Your commandments to now replace politicians disobeying You.
Jesus Christ‘s blood forgives our national sins.
In Jesus’ name. Amen.

“when the children of Israel cried unto the LORD, the LORD raised up a deliverer to the children of Israel, who delivered them” Judges 3:9. Worship God. 2 Chronicles 20.

If there is not a Christian running to be a representative, God says: “Let the priests, the ministers of theLORD, weep between the porch and the altar, and let them say, Spare thy people,O LORD, and give not thine heritage to reproach, that the heathen should rule overthem: wherefore should they say among the people, Where is their God?” Joel 2:17. 

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Pray for me. I am praying for you.

Steven Andrew
Pastor, USA Christian Church.

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God’s will is a Christian Nation government now. Exodus 18:21, Psalm 2, Mark 12:30, Isaiah 33:22
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