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“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD” Psalm 33:12

Imagine Christians honored, a government that does God’s will, the Holy Bible and Christian prayer in schools and a nation serving the Lord. Steven Andrew is launching 25 Ministries to turn the USA to God.

“The USA following God is His will and this is what our founding fathers established. Following Jesus Christ makes America great!” says Andrew. He is pastor of USA Christian Church. leader of One Million Americans on the LORD’s Side and author of “Jesus Makes America Great”.

To save the USA, God has called Steven Andrew to launch 25 powerful ministries and he needs your help.

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Following Jesus Makes the USA Great Again

God wants Americans to be safe, strong and prosperous, as history affirms (Psalm 33:12, Matthew 6:33). The 25 ministries restore the USA as a strong Christian nation. These urgently needed ministries are to:

  1. Reaffirm Our Founders’ Covenant with God
  2. Put the Bible and Christian Prayer in Schools Again
  3. Do God’s Will with Traditional Marriage Only
  4. Remove the “Separation of Church and State” Lie
  5. Demand Christian Religious Liberty as a Nation – This is the top priority of America and ends the persecution of Christians
  6. Insist to Have Our God-given Rights
  7. Restore God’s Blessings with a Christian Government from Schools to President
  8. Lead Nationwide Prayer and Fasting (Wednesdays)
  9. Run the National Day of Prayer Revival Force – Tools, brochures, and videos
  10. Fill the USA with the Word of God
  11. Run One Million Americans on the LORD’s Side
  12. Lead the American Disciple Making Team – Raise up godly generations
  13. Launch Daily TV Ministry
  14. Lead Daily Prayer for Government
  15. Have a Pro-life Nation Only
  16. Save souls with Evangelism Outreaches
  17. Run Christian Media and Publishing
  18. Care for and Help People with a Faith-filled Prayer Center
  19. Disciple the Next generations with Youth Outreaches
  20. Turn Hearts to God with Revival Force
  21. Restore Biblical Focus with the Evangelical Revival Center
  22. Equip Churches – Provides tools and resources to equip pastors and strengthen churches
  23. Lead 1000 Pastors to Pastor the USA
  24. Rally the Nation Together with Christians Uniting to Save the USA
  25. Launch a New Bible-based Christian TV Station

If you want to be part of this historic work of God, then consider praying for and supporting these 25 Ministries. The cost is $5.7 million dollars for the first phase. “The faster we turn the nation to God the sooner our lives will improve. Every gift counts, whether small or large,” says Andrew.

As a thank-you gift, you will get Steven Andrew’s riveting new book, “Jesus Makes America Great”. This book provides the exact, step-by-step plan from the Word of God to make the nation great again.

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The USA following Jesus Christ is the greatest work of God that you can support. Give today!


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“Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom.” Luke 6:38

Thank you for your most generous support to the Lord.

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Money given to USA Christian Church is not tax deductible so Rev. Steven Andrew can freely call for Christians in politics to save the USA. If you want the equivalent of a “tax-deduction” simply subtract that amount before giving. For example, if you give $1000 and want a $300 equivalent “tax deduction,” then give $700. The whole offering is meant to be for the Lord.

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