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Save America author Steven Andrew calls the nation to follow God by praying to re-affirm covenant with the Lord. This gives God’s protection and favor to our lives and nation.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD…” Psalm 33:12 KJV

Prepare your heart

Reaffirming covenant is the only way to have God’s protection from bad politicians (the swamp), job losses to foreigners, terrorism and economic danger. Earlier, Andrew taught how God commands the USA to give Him our hearts by re-affirming: The LORD is the God of the USA and Americans are His people. Andrew is the USA’s pastor and the leader of One Million Americans on the LORD’s Side.

In “Save America” and “Jesus Makes America Great”, Andrew says, “Our One Nation Under God covenant relationship is what frees us from danger and protects us.”

We are going to seal our covenant, so prepare your heart before God, because this is holy. As Jesus Christ purchased our salvation with His blood, He purchased the USA to be His covenant Christian nation.

Because God gives Americans everything in covenant, will you let Him know that you submit yourself and the USA entirely to Him?

7 Questions to seal covenant

Are you in covenant? Here are questions to ask yourself to see that you love God and country:

  1. Do I publicly say: The LORD is the God of the USA and Americans are His people?
  2. Am I seeking God with all my heart and all my soul, including for our nation?
  3. Do I speak up for the USA to obey the Holy Bible?
  4. Am I living with Jesus as King of the USA?
  5. Will I help make disciples of our nation?
  6. Do I speak up for our nation to turn away from everything against Jesus Christ?
  7. Have I restored the cross and prayed to receive forgiveness for the USA’s sins by Jesus’ blood?

If you answer yes to these questions, you are on the LORD’s side and He invites you to join covenant.

Pray and re-affirm the USA’s covenant with God

God is holy. You must agree with the questions above to be in this covenant. Join Andrew and the USA in prayer.


You are holy.

We thank You that the USA is dedicated to You in covenant “to all generations.”

LORD, You are the God of the USA and Americans are Your people.

We seek You and obey the Holy Bible with all our hearts and all our souls. Jesus is our King, so our nation makes Christian disciples and we turn away from everything against Jesus Christ. To do Your will, the USA agrees with You that marriage is one man and one woman only, the Bible is to be read in schools with Christian prayer, and abortion is to be banned again. We work and pray for covenant Christian leaders to immediately replace those disobeying You.

We thank You for the Cross and by Jesus’ blood we receive forgiveness for the USA’s sins.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Permission is given to reprint this prayer if you include: “Pray the USA’s Covenant with God provided by Steven Andrew, Pastor of USA Christian Church and author of ‘Save America’ and ‘Jesus Makes America Great’.”

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