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Press Release: The “Christian Nation Government Now Revival” is expanding through 2025 to heal our land with good leaders that follow God and to save America. “This Bible-based revival is producing huge results, including the GOP taking the House and the recent Supreme Court and Federal Court religious freedom victories,” Steven Andrew said. Andrew leads the revival and is pastor of USA Christian Church. 

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The revival has an online broadcast called “Save America Revival!”. It began in September with participants joining from across the USA. There is teaching, prayer and a call to action, as well as, graphics to share on social media. The revival can be seen daily on USA.Church and USA.Life social network. 

Why is this important? “The positive shift we see happening is because we are doing something the church forgot. Leaders are to ‘fear God’ and ‘Kiss the Son’,” Andrew said, quoting Exodus 18:21 and Psalm 2:10-12. “Now that we are following Scripture, we see God’s favor returning; more is needed,” Andrew said. “As we follow God’s Word, God heals our land.” 

“Victories include God exposing scandals, the Supreme Court protecting Christian businesses to refuse to express things against their beliefs, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act protecting Christian business hiring freedom, a stronger church, pro-life victories, exposing child trafficking and more,” Andrew said.  

“As people awaken by agreeing God’s will is the USA is governed by Jesus Christ, we are sparking the next Great Awakening,” Andrew said.

Who is this revival for? “People who want to glorify God, see the Lord fix the economy, be blessed, restore Biblical justice, have good representatives, save our country and advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ should participate,” said Andrew.  

“There is hope! Watch “Save America Revival!” daily and cry out to God with me for Christian leaders to replace those disobeying God now,” Andrew said. 

Topics include: God’s will is Christian Nation government now, Christian Nation leaders to replace those disobeying God now, Christian Nation government after God’s own heart and spiritual warfare victory. 

“Without this revival, religious liberty and the country could have been lost forever,” Andrew said. “America is founded on ‘the purpose of government is to fear God’.” 

To heal our land and keep the revival running through 2025, the revival is fundraising $240,000. With this funding, new broadcasts and tools can be made to reach more people. Those interested in helping can give at the USA.Church website.  

Support revival. We are raising $240,000 to keep revival going through 2025. Your support today helps us make more programs and tools and reach more people. Donate now! 

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