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To solve our personal needs and the national political problems, 2020 is declared as “Jesus Is King Year, a year of covenant liberty and blessings for our lives and the USA,” by Rev. Steven Andrew. He is pastor of USA Christian Church and leads “America Is on the Lord’s Side,” a group of leading Christians and pastors across the nation who believe the founding father’s Christian principles that following Jesus Christ heals our land.

“Our personal issues, national security and other needs are solved when we live with Jesus as King, because we do God’s will and therefore have God’s favor and protection,” Andrew said.

Christians and churches are asked to declare: Jesus is King of the USA!

“With Kanye West standing up for Jesus is King, we see an example that people are ready for liberty and blessings in Christ,” he said. Andrew led Christians nationwide for over 10 years in prayer and teaching for revival with three generations of the USA living with Jesus as King. “God is answering our prayer and we know God’s will is to have Jesus as King, personally and as a nation,” he said.

“Liberty comes by following Jesus,” Andrew said in a “Jesus Is King 2020” video. He quotes 2 Corinthians 3:17, “Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” He also shares the American Revolution motto of “No king but king Jesus” and “the LORD is our king” from Isaiah 33:22.

Andrew believes “all blessings come by following Jesus” and he asks people to live for King Jesus all year. “I invite you, your family, church and friends to participate in 2020 Jesus Is King Year,” Andrew said.

Special events are planned during the next 12 months. Participants who want “to get connected with the latest news” about “Jesus Is King 2020” can sign up for “America Is on the Lord’s Side”. To join, see the USA Christian Church website.

“As a personal encouragement to help each participant live for Jesus in 2020,” there are [“Jesus Is King” hats and shirts available for purchase at the Jesus is King store at USA Christian Church. All proceeds support ministry outreaches and evangelism.

Those who want to further Andrew’s mission of raising three generations who follow King Jesus can donate to help the outreaches. “We must disciple the nation right away and the twelve months of special outreaches and advertising campaigns cost $400,000,” Andrew said.

About Steven Andrew
Steven Andrew has reached over 80 million people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is pastor of USA Christian Church and leads “America Is on the Lord’s Side,” a group of leading Christians and pastors saving America and defending Christianity. He is also CEO of USA.Life, the new pro-America and pro-Christian social network that is a popular alternative to Facebook.

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