Why USA Christian Church is not a non-profit

The Gospel of Jesus Christ absolutely cannot be muzzled. Therefore, USA Christian Church must be able to speak truthfully for God politically and unite the USA in Christ.

It is going to take God’s people to fix the mess in Washington, so financial support is not deductible for income tax purposes because of government restrictions. These restrictions can only be fixed by calling for a Christian government. Non-profits are asked to abide by unconstitutional laws to not speak politically which are contrary to the Gospel. I refuse to compromise.

If you want the equivalent of a “tax deduction,” then subtract that amount before giving to USA Christian Church. You will get the money immediately. Or, you may decide to give the full amount to God. It is your decision.

Do you know that the non-profits for churches are unconstitutional? The First Amendment prohibits Congress from making any law against Christianity. Also, it is sad that popular non-profits often pay enormous amounts of money to the leader. For example, the New York Times reports that the leader of the non-profit Planned Parenthood made over $590,000 when everything was added up. Another example is the Charlotte Observer reports that Franklin Graham made $880,000. Rest assured. You have confidence in giving to USA Christian Church because I have set my salary to be the average pastor’s salary including benefits of approximately $88,000 per year, books excluded. I walked away from a high paying secular job to follow Jesus Christ and lead this ministry.

My hearts desire is to make disciples, heal our land, and save souls. I hope you join me with your prayer and support.

Become a Covenant Partner

It is the time to join together to advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Your faithful partnership will give you an important part in sharing the love of God with millions of people. As a partner, I will pray for you daily. Together, we are spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Your most generous support today makes a difference.

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USA Christian Church
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Thank you for your most generous support to the Lord.

Money given to USA Christian Church is not tax deductible. If you want the equivalent of a “tax-deduction” simply subtract that amount before giving.

All finances are handled with the highest levels of Christian stewardship.

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